FADYCAKE Handlebar Mittens for Fat Bike and Mountain Bike Straight Bars - Winter Cycling Handlebar Mittens | FADYCAKE | Fat Bike Asinine

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Our super warm FADYCAKE Handlebar Mittens for Fat Bike and Mountain Bike Straight Handlebars will keep your hands dry and warm this winter. Designed to fit straight style handlebars used in fat biking and mountain biking (flat bars or riser style). We made these puppies HUGE so you can easily get your hands in and out and Feel more confident while riding. With the large size, there's plenty of room to operate your shifters and break levers for most configurations. Mittens are constructed with thick neoprene covered in layers of soft polyester fabric to really keep your hands warm and dry. FADYCAKE logo and embellishments are highly reflective.

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