About Us

We're ASININE (Nuts) for Fat Bikes!

Here at Fat Bike Asinine we love fat biking! We design and produce apparel and accessories for fat biking, mountain biking and cold weather biking. Our products are designed and manufactured in our Denver, Colorado production facility. As we continue to grow will be stocking more and more custom fat biking products.


Centered around the mountain biking offshoot sport of fat biking, Fat Bike Asinine was officially created in 2019. In the beginning, we found there to be a serious lack of fat biking apparel on the market. There weren't really any other brands dedicated to fat biking apparel. So, we decided to start designing our own apparel and accessories... and make fun fat bike video content too! 

Lifestyle to Trail

No matter what type of fat bike apparel or lifestyle wear you're looking for, we guarantee durability and style for your fat biking adventures. 

Commitment to Quality

We test all of our apparel and accessories extensively in order to produce the highest quality fat bike products available. We're constantly working on researching and developing new and exciting products.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come as Fat Bike Asinine and the sport of fat biking continues to grow. If you have questions about us, our fat bike products, or even shipping, please get in touch. Contact Us

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