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Wow, we just got back from a week long fat biking and mountain biking vacation... and video shoot to Lake Pueblo State Park in Southern Colorado. The trails were dry and super fun to ride. The park is so vast that during the entire time we only saw a couple of other riders! Oh No! We managed to break a fatty on day one and everyone got some level of sun burn by the end of the week. We tried out new wheels, tires, silicone foam grips and other new gear. Our 2020 edition fat bikes were pushed to their max. What a...

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One of the biggest advancements in mountain biking was the invention of the suspension fork. It allowed us to get down some gnarly trails that were otherwise un-rideable and was the beginning of modern mountain biking as we know it. Jump forward to today with fat bikes and we are almost repeating the same cycle again. We have gone back in time to rigid frame technologically. Or have we?

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One big thing I've noticed is how much warmer my hands are while holding the handlebars this winter.

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