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One of the biggest advancements in mountain biking was the invention of the suspension fork. It allowed us to get down some gnarly trails that were otherwise un-rideable and was the beginning of modern mountain biking as we know it. Jump forward to today with fat bikes and we are almost repeating the same cycle again. We have gone back in time to rigid frame technologically. Or have we?

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To stud or not to stud… that is the question we look at today. It’s a huge choice to make. During the winter months some of us get snow and ice while others get none at all. And then there’s that in between zone that most of us fat bikers reside in. One big thing to consider I think is price. Studded fat bike tires are not cheap. You’re going to be spending about $140-$250+ per tire. Yep, you read that correctly. That’s more than big mud tires for off road vehicles (I just bought a set of 33” Maxxis...

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Do your hands get cold when you're out riding fat bikes in the snow? Mine do. Especially my fingers! I’m sure we’ve all picked up a pair of winter riding gloves that we thought would for sure keep us warm… only to be just as cold as with the last pair. Dang it! Over the past couple winter seasons of fat biking, I have been slowly gathering up a decent mix of cold weather riding gear that actually will keep me warm. But not too warm! Overheating in the freezing cold is a real thing and really odd at first....

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